“Beat the Book” on your Trade-In!

What Is Easy Drive and How Can It Help me Beat the Book?

Easy Drive represents a network of dealerships who have very specific used car and truck inventory needs. This urgent demand for vehicles drives up their value. Dealers literally “throw out the book” to acquire this inventory. You get better than book offers which means more equity for you, more downpayment for you and lower payments on your next vehicle. All because you let Easy Drive show you the way. Let Easy drive connect you with a local dealership who will help you “Beat the Book” and put more money in your pocket today. Stop missing out on what others are getting- more for their trade-in.


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Black Book Value

What Is Black Book Value?

Dealerships, auto auctions and insurance companies use industry standard books for valuating vehicles. Books like Black Book, Kelly Blue Book and NADA Market Guide standardize pricing for all makes and models. But they don’t factor in dealer and customer demand and other things that only a car dealership is can do. That’s where Easy Drive comes in. We match your vehicle (supply) with a dealership who needs it NOW (demand) and is willing to deal NOW. Increased demand means increased value and that means more money for you! So if you’re looking to get the maximum value for your trade-in, and get lower payments on your next vehicle, let Easy Drive take the lead for you. It’s a fast and free service that can have you driving  a new vehicle today.